13 Significant Things Google CEO Sundar Pichai Said In India, For Indians

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3:37 pm 18 Dec, 2015

In a free-wheeling conversation at SRCC, New Delhi, Google CEO Sundar Pichai spoke on everything from how he travelled to IIT-M to how he sees India’s future.

1. On whether the next Android will have an Indian name.


Sundar Pichai (1)


2. Why India?


Sundar Pichai (4)


3. On what he wanted to be as a child.





4. But how did he get into the world of IT?





5. What any country should do.


Sundar Pichai (14)


6. What the youth of India should focus on.


Sundar Pichai (6)


7. What everyone in the world should do.


Sundar Pichai (7)


8. On the future of India as a centre for Android developers.

Some two million new Android developers will be trained by Google over the next three years in more than 30 universities across the country.




9. What is Google doing right now (among many things)?


Sundar Pichai (5)


10. What he thinks of competition.


Sundar Pichai (11)


11. The vision that inspired him.


Sundar Pichai (10)


12. Why he thinks software is best.


Sundar Pichai (9)


13. How Sundar Pichai evaluates Indians.


Sundar Pichai (12)


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