21 Extremely Weird Ice Cream Flavours From Around The World

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7:00 pm 11 Aug, 2015

Ice creams are something hardly anyone can resist. Varieties of ice cream flavours are available in the market, from simple chocolate to blackcurrant. But if you are an ice cream lover, would you like to try an ice cream made out of charcoal? How about Viagra flavour? Yes, they exist and here are 21 of those insanely strange and weird tasting ice cream flavours from around the world.

1. Charcoal Ice cream is from Japan and combines the tinge of coal and coldness of an ice cream.


2. Smoked Salmon ice cream was created following a suggestion from a customer. It tastes like smoked salmon and cheese.


3. Bacon is one among the tastiest dishes, but would you love to eat a caramelized bacon ice cream?


4. Pizza flavoured ice cream is a creation of Max & Mina’s in Queens, US. Made from fresh tomatoes, garlic, mushrooms, capsicums and some cheese.


5. Breast milk ice cream is what the name tells us.


6. Octopus meat is used to make octopus ice cream. Japanese have really come out with something strange!


7. Cheeseburger ice cream is from America. So, would you like to terrify your taste buds with a cold sensation of cheeseburger?


8. This is the Honey Jalapeno ice cream. Honey would soothe the taste buds, but I don’t know about jalapeno.


9. Crocodile egg ice cream is an unusual and strange flavour from Philippines. It is made from eggs of crocodiles, which are considered nutritious.


10. There is never a dull moment for people who love the pungent taste and smell of garlic.


11. Don’t just let the ice cream melt in your mouth. How about lobster folded in each bite of this dessert?


12. A ‘meaty’ ice cream from Japan. Horse meat ice cream contains chunks of horseflesh sushi.


13. Goat cheese cashew ice cream contains the salty flavour of goat cheese, with salted cashews used as a coating.


14. Coronation chicken ice cream is made from freezed chicken, chicken curry and raisins dipped in mayonnaise.


15. Cicada flavoured ice cream was made by collecting bees, removing their wings, boiling them and then coating it with brown sugar and milk chocolate which forms the base of ice cream.


16. Squid ink in this Japanese ice cream leaves a black coating on your tongue for almost an entire day.


17. Viagra ice cream was invented by Heladería Coromoto ice cream shop in Mérida, Venezuela. Scoops of Viagra are added to the pudding.


18. Haggis is a popular dish from Scotland, which has been converted to this cold flavour with a strong taste.


19. Ox Tongue ice cream is one among the most bizarre ice creams ever invented in the world.


20. Although invented by Japanese, Oyster ice cream is commonly relished by the upper class in America.


21. Japanese also introduced Pit Viper ice cream, which is made from the venom extracted from this deadly snake.

Japanese do all the weird stuff, I guess!



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