9 Weird Habits Of Children In Nursery Standard

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2:00 pm 12 Mar, 2015

Children are a blessing. Sometimes. Most of the time though, children are essentially the spawn of satan, who will try their level best to ruin everyone’s perfectly good day with their annoying habits.

1. They will eat everything and anything that is put in front of them.

New crayon? Say hello to child’s mouth. New book? Building blocks? Dripping with baby drool. Ewww!

2. Children will yell in tandem for the same items.

One child asks loudly for a crayon and suddenly you have a cacophony demanding the same crayon. Mob mentality much?

3. Simultaneous tears.

Woe betides the poor teacher who has a crying child in her classroom. One weeping child inevitably leads to an entire classroom full of wailing children with no end in sight.

4. Lunch time usually means food fight with the classroom wall.

5. Nap times are one of the deadly speed bumps of the day.

If there is even one little troublemaker in the class, you can be assured getting these little rascals down for a nap will be the toughest part of your day.

6. Scribbling and defacing the entire classroom wall.

And they will then beam at you as if they are presenting you with the Mona Lisa.

7. Full body tantrums are a norm.

Refuse an item to a child and they will throw themselves on the floor, screaming until they are blue in the face.

8. Repeatedly singing their favorite song, endlessly!

Once they have found a book or a song they like, be prepared to be regaled with it every half an hour for a couple of months at the very least.

9. Picking their noses is still considered to be fun.

Before children finally understand that picking their noses is a disgusting habit, the classroom will be full of boogers stuck on walls.

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