Ditch Sydney, Fulfill Your Cruise Wedding Dream In India Now

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8:00 pm 3 Mar, 2016

Indian weddings, already big and fat, are all set to become luxurious too.


Up till now, Sydney Harbor was the one-stop destination for the uber rich of India who wanted a luxurious cruise wedding.

”Couples who can afford such luxury need not go to Sydney Harbour for a gala wedding as government is facilitating such services here and such weddings could easily accommodate about 4,000 people,” Union minister Nitin Gadkari said.


More often than not, it wasn’t because of Sydney, but more because of the lack of options in India.

Maldives, despite being geographically and politically a very small nation, has a fleet of 47 sea planes. India, a country aggressively becoming popular on the global map, has none.


Finally, the shipping ministry has sought the Directorate General of Civil Aviation’s (DGCA) approval for operating (via an investor) 25 sea planes.

This will facilitate exclusive five-star services for couples wishing to tie the knot in the middle of crystalline waters of the Indian Ocean.


This is not all.

If you grew up dreaming of a beautiful wedding on a virgin island but don’t have deep pockets for one of those exotic, international spots, the Indian government has some pretty plans up their sleeves.


The government is keen on developing its 1,300 isolated islands and 218 lighthouses. To lure tourists, 11 rivers are also to be transformed into waterways.


If you thought that India has a dearth of finances,Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has clarified that is not the case. The government is apparently very keen on modernization of water transport and seaways in India.

Whatever the case be, we are glad to have bigger and prettier avenues for our future wedding dates. Can’t wait to be invited for one big, fat, cruise wedding!


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