15 Ways To Make Up With Your Partner After That Terrible Fight

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10:00 am 5 Jul, 2015

It is easy to get into a fight but it is even easier to get out of it. What holds us back from making up is our self-proclaimed dignity and ego. There are 15 ways listed here, so if you think your self-respect will get hurt by apologizing, try some other method. You have no excuses to not let things work out.

1. Accept, if it was your fault.

Get down on your knees and apologize. It won’t put you down.


2. Sometimes it’s better to talk out what you fought about.

But, avoid being too sarcastic and critical of the situation.


3. If it was your partner’s fault, then forgive if they say sorry.


4. Treat your partner to a candle-light dinner.

A little light might do all wonders.


5. Strike a conversation or say something romantic.

If you want to avoid an argument over the argument you just had.


6. Shower some gifts.

A little pampering is all that’s required.


7. If you are too shy for verbal apology, write it down.

Nothing’s better than a letter with your sincere feelings.


8. Accompany your partner in watching their favorite TV show.

Even though you don’t like it much.


9. Asses yourself and let your partner know how you and she/he need to change a few things.

Personal assessment never meant any harm.


10. Rekindle love with ‘I Love You’ messages.

Of course! You meant it.


11. Cook your partner’s favorite dish.


12. Crack a joke to lighten up your partner’s mood.


13. Give your partner a ‘jaadu ki jhappi’


14. Praise your partner.

No buttering, please!


15. Make those funny faces to see your partner crack up.



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