15 Ways To Get Someone Out Of Your Head

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8:00 pm 22 May, 2015

Find it difficult to let go of someone? Rather than opting for solitude, it’s better to chuck that person out of your mind. If not entirely, you will succeed by indulging in other things that might just help wipe away all memories you have of him/her.

Refer our list here to get back on your feet as quickly as possible.

1. Cut off any communication you have with your ex for the moment.


2. Discard all the lovey dovey messages and gifts.


3. Avoid going to places you normally visited in your ex’s company.


4. Don’t wait unnecessarily for their return.


5. Let go of your feelings, even though it may scare your close ones.


6. Date someone and try to rekindle lost love.


7. Don’t hold hatred towards your ex, as the more you do, the more you suffer.


8. Listen to music, write your thoughts or speak of it to your friends and family.


9. Get involved in activities that you never attempted before.


10. Look up to someone who dealt with the situation and got back on his/her feet.


11. C’mon, it’s not the end of the world.


12. There are better people to love in this world, and one of them is you!


13. Unfriend your ex from Facebook and remove all memories from your timeline.


14. Cry like you never have (it sure helps).


15. Eating chocolates can lift your spirit a little.



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