9 Gestures That Say “I Love You” Without Needing Any Words

You don’t need to say ‘I love You’ all the time. There are many gestures that can reveal your feelings. These adorable illustrations show you that you can show your your feelings without using any words.


1. Don’t keep a single day or a week to show your love.



2. You can win her heart with a perfect coffee as well.



3. What is more pleasurable than sleeping in your loved one’s arms?



4. It’s good to cook together; it will bring you both closer.



5. You can sacrifice your favorite desert only for the person you love.



6. Creativity is another medium to express your love.



7. Celebrate your togetherness; feel blessed that you have the privilege to stay together.



8. Giving happiness is another medium to express your love.



9. You spoil those whom you love.



Let your love to be felt. Sometimes those sweet gestures give more happiness than any words! Next time don’t just say it, express it.


Credit: Bored Panda

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