10 Things You Are Wasting Your Precious Time On

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3:54 pm 8 Nov, 2016

Time is all we have. What we become in life is directly proportional to how we spend our time. Some use their time to leave a mark on the world, like Edison and Gandhi did, while others are forgotten within a week of their deaths.


If you think carefully, it is not the notes but time which is the real universal currency. And everyone has the same number of hours irrespective of who we are. We have the same number of hours in a day like Einstein had. But are you spending your free currency wisely?

Here are 10 ways in which you are destroying your most precious time.

1. Reading too many self help books

Except a few, most of the self-help books are just plain nonsense and unrealistically preachy. They are written by writers who could not break-in as successful writers and are desperately looking for means to earn a living. They are only good at wasting your time. And even the few that are good, do you even apply the wisdom in them? Think about it.


2. Gaming

Yes, games are relaxing. But if you are involved in gaming all day building empires and gathering all those virtual money, do you think you are doing a great thing with the time you have? Is it going to help you in the long run anyway?


3. Endless gossiping

Gossiping never has and never will be of any good. While it is generally perceived that women are the prime gossipers, we should not forget that even men gossip. We gossip about our bosses, our neighbours, while they do no good to us. Our gossiping never affects the universe. Instead of gossiping we can go and do something useful.


4. Trying to impress everyone

Trying to impress everyone is impossible. It is as simple as that. And many of us know it too. But does it make us stop trying? No. We try to impress everyone, eventually failing every time and wasting our time in the efforts.


5. Telling people your aims

If you have an aim, do it. Don’t explain it to people. Most of them don’t care what you want to do in life! What your dreams are! It will only make them laugh at you and you will live with a burden of making your dreams true to prove them something.


6. Reading mindless desi romantic novels

There has been a tsunami of mindless unrealistic romance novels in India and youngsters are getting too much involved in them. While these novels may have managed to initiate a reading culture, and it feels good when read for the first time. But if you are reading them continuously, you are wasting your time, which you can use to read some real literature.


7. Knowing what is going on in others’ lives

Knowing what is happening in others’ lives is one of the worst ways of spending your time. You can instead use this time in building your life. Knowing that your friend had gone to this country and had fun while you were struggling to pass the month is going to kill you inside. Be focused on your life and where your life is going.


8. Watching 24/7 news channels

No, you absolutely don’t need to watch news channels all day. One hour of it everyday is enough. These 24/7 news channels show crap most of the time and are full of noises that doesn’t fulfill your purpose unless you are a fan of masala news. They would often mix inane graphics and irritable film songs with an insignificant news item to keep you hooked. At the end of the day, they are all bullshit.


9. Having meetings

Most of the people don’t realise this, but we don’t need too many ‘meetings’. There should be an alternative plan to discuss ideas rather than sitting in a room, looking busy, sipping tea and shouting ideas. Frequent meetings are a waste of time and resources.


10. Your super-connected habit

The biggest distraction in today’s life is our ability to be available every single moment. With our large social media presence, we get distracted very easily and are always occupied with Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Your hands are always on your phone. You are too available for everything but what can change your life.



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