Scientist Prabhu Dandriyal Gets ‘Stern Warning’ From DRDO For Writing To PM

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5:46 pm 6 Oct, 2015

Former DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation) scientist and whistleblower, Prabhu Dandriyal, recently got a warning from his previous organisation.

The DRDO has warned the whistleblower on possible action against him for writing letters to Prime Minister Narendra Modi repeatedly pointing out corruption and wrongdoing within the organisation.

He has been given a stern warning for posting  ‘frivolous and malicious allegations’ against the organisation on the PM’s public portal.

Also, the letter by the organisation’s headquarters warns that his pension could be in jeopardy due to the action.


Prominent whistleblower Prabhu Dandriyal, whose complaints and feedback has resulted in several inquiries and action within the organisation in the past decade, said that he has decided to donate his pension in protest of the DRDO letter.

“I donate my pension to PM’s Relief Fund and assure that I will continue my fight against these corrupt officials and corruption,” he said.

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