Iranians Set Up ‘Walls Of Kindness’ To Help Homeless Fight Cold

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5:00 pm 23 Dec, 2015

As Iran endures a cold winter, locals have have come up with an innovative idea of ‘Walls of Kindness,’ on which people can donate unwanted clothing. The donated winter clothes will help the homeless keep warm.

It started when a man, who doesn’t wish to be identified, installed a few hooks and hangers on a wall in the north-eastern city of Mashhad.

Next to it were words: “If you don’t need it, leave it. If you need it, take it.”



And soon, coats, trousers and other warm garments started to appear. After the idea became popular on social media, similar such walls have emerged in many other cities of Iran.

Several social media users have uploaded the photos of ‘Walls of Kindness’ and asked fellow cirizens not to ‘let any homeless people shiver in the cold this winter.’


A facebook user wrote, ‘This is a great initiative. Hope it spreads across Iran.” “Walls remind us of distance but in some streets in Shiraz they brought people closer to each other,” said another user.


شما در باره دیوار مهربانی شنیدین؟ دیواری که هرکی لباس اضافه داره میاره بهش آویزون می کنه و هرکی نیاز داره برمیداره. تا ح…

Posted by ‎جناب خان‎ on Wednesday, December 9, 2015


There are around 15,000 homeless people in Tehran and its suburbs, including 5,000 women, according to Iranian officials.

However, it is estimated that the number of homeless people is at least twice that figure.




Earlier, Ali Heidari and other people, started a similar group called  Payane Kartonkhabi, means ending homelessness.

They distribute food among the homeless and have also installed fridges on the street so that the people can leave homemade meals for those in need.


یخچال مهربانی به امید روزی که در همه شهرها این مهربانی جاری شود.

A photo posted by پایان کارتن خوابی (@payane_kartonkhabi) on


Along with posts praising the scheme, there were some who have shown anger towards the government for their lack of initiatives for homeless people.

As reported, there are more than ten official organisations to tackle homelessness in Iran. But there is no transparency about the work they do and how the government funds are used.


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