Never Let Your Disabilities End Your Dreams. Vishwas Lost His Hands But Not His Determination

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5:33 pm 23 Jul, 2016

Vishwas K.S. is a 26-year-old boy from Bengaluru who lost both hands in a tragic accident when he was just 10.

On one ill-fated day, he was watering cemented portions at his home when he suddenly lost balance and fell on live electric wires. His father took him to the hospital to save him but instead, lost his life.

Imagine, at the age of 10, when you and I were afraid to sleep with the lights off, this boy suffered in darkness without his father. Those distressing moments could have made him end his life but he, stride after stride, reached glory.

Today, he has made our nation proud by winning three medals at the 2016 Speedo Can Am Para-swimming Championships held in Canada.

He completed his B.Com. at Basaveshwara College in Vijayanagar and at the same time took up odd jobs. While people mocked his disability, their insensitive comments became the source of his strength. The support of his true friends pushed him to learn Kung Fu and dance but he finally found his calling in swimming.

After knowing his passion, he reached out to Astha, an NGO, whose founder Sunil Jain arranged trainers, infrastructure, nutrition plans and other tools to encourage him to compete at the professional level.

It took him around three years of intense training to master the skills needed to become a professional swimmer.

Last year, Vishwas won three silver medals at the national level para-swimming competition held in Belagavi and hence, Sports Authority of India chose him for the championships in Canada.

All ambitious Vishwas told Hindu:

“My dream is to take part in 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, who believes that support makes the greatest difference to the differently-abled. I owe my success to the senior citizens at the RPC Swimming Pool at Basaveshwaranagar who reached out to me.” 

All the very best, Vishwas.


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