To Ensure Safety With Fun, Visakhapatnam To Have India’s First Sea Pools

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9:25 pm 9 Jun, 2016

Swimming in the sea is fun but is not without its own risks. Though India’s coastline is not threatened by sharks, strong waves have often carried people into the deep.

Deaths due to drowning have been quite high. Yet the thrill of swimming in the salt water remains unparalleled.

So for the first time in India, sea pools will be constructed along the 23 kilometre beach road in Visakhapatnam.


The Rishikonda beach of Visakhapatnam. HolidayIQ

The Rishikonda beach of Visakhapatnam. HolidayIQ

Sea pools, also known as tide pools, are safe areas for people to enjoy a swim in sea waters. The water in sea pools is fed by the sea.

According to reports, Mangamaripeta, Lawson’s Bay, Rushikonda and Sagaranagar in Vizag will be where the four pilot projects would come up.

The pools will be built with features similar to those in South Africa and the US.


The Bondi Ocean pool in Australia. Reddit

The Bondi Ocean pool in Australia. Reddit

The need for such pools was necessitated by the rising numbers of drowning incidents in the sea. Reports say that 465 people including 75 women have drowned in the last 10 years.

The city administration at Vizag was particularly moved by the deaths of some people in two separate incidents of drowning at sea.

The police has been entrusted with the responsibility of identifying the location of 10 watchtowers. Authorities are discussing lifeguards, ATVs, inflatable boats, floating walls needed for the safety of those who use the pools.


The Bronte Sea Pool in Australia. Local Wiki

The Bronte Sea Pool in Australia. Local Wiki

Work will be overseen by engineers of the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Council (GVMC) and the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Board (APTB).

Tidal pools are both natural and man-made, with the latter found usually in developed countries.

The temperature of water in the man-made pools is regulated. Water in such pools is saline.

Some of the most notable sea pools are San Alfonso Del Mar in Chile and the Bondi Iceberg’s Pool in Australia (where they are called Ocean Pools). In fact, there are around 100 such pools in New South Wales alone.

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