Watch: Virat Kohli’s Reaction When He Saw His Lookalike In The Stands

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2:49 pm 17 Oct, 2016

Bollywood superstars and cricketers are considered no less than Gods in our country. They are worshiped, idolized and often imitated to an insane extent. Also, some fans go gaga over their looks and start impersonating them.

Virat Kohli, by far, is one of the finest cricketers of this generation. Whether it is his immense contribution to Indian cricket or his urban stubble look, his fans have adored him in every way. One of his die-hard fan ditto copied his look and pulled everyone’s attention during the final Test against New Zealand in Indore.

Many thought that it was actually Virat Kohli pleasing the crowd but later when the camera turned towards the dressing room, the real Kohli was having a good laugh.

Watch the video here:

Wasn’t it funny?

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