This Is How Virat Kohli Condoled Uttarakhand Police Horse Shaktiman’s Death

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6:12 pm 21 Apr, 2016

A day after Shaktiman, the police horse passed away in Uttarakhand, Virat Kohli took to Twitter to express his condolences.


Shaktiman was a police horse who had lost his leg earlier this year after getting brutally beaten up during a political rally.


Medical staff had for past 37 days been trying their best to get the 13-year-old horse back on his feet. The horse had even tried to stand up on a prosthetic leg that was attached in place of his decapitated leg earlier this month.

According to his caretaker Shyam Singh Chauhan, “He did not give up eating; he showed his will to fight back and survive.”



But the battle became too weary for him and he breathed his last on April 20.

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