Indian Cricketer Virat Kohli Has A Lookalike: You Will Be Amazed!

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12:08 pm 5 Apr, 2016

The Indian cricket team’s vice captain is receiving fame from every corner of the world. His performance in the T2o World Cup has made India feel proud of him. Virat has surpassed the Indian team’s captain, MS Dhoni, in terms of popularity on social media.

It can be said that Virat Kohli is the most popular Indian cricketer. It has been noticed that as the fan following of celebrities increases, their lookalikes also gain fame.


Well, something similar is happening with this Hyderabad guy Prashanth. He is a computer engineer and claims to be a lookalike of our very own Virat Kohli!



Can you guess who is the real Kohli in the photographs below?



Well, from his photographs. we can make out that he is a super fan of the Indian cricket team’s vice captain Virat Kohli. He has been following him for quite a long time. Now, he is receiving fame for his similar looks.



If you check his Facebook  account, you will see him in similar poses to Virat.



It’s nothing abnormal or out-of-the-box!

People generally make celebrities their idols and start copying them from head to toe. Celebrities themselves feel proud when they see such hardcore fans.



Fans are always acceptable as long as they don’t turn out to be some obsessed psychos.



Well, Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming movie is based on the fan obsession concept. And Prashanth’s photographs are giving the same obsessive feel for Kohli.


In the race to look similar to Virat Kohli, Prashanth shouldn’t forget his own existence. This is something every fan should remember!



But, Virat for sure will be feeling amazing after receiving so much love from his fans.



I wonder if Prashanth’s girl friend is Anushka’s lookalike.



But, one has to accept that he is a perfect copycat. LOL!



His obsession has no limit!



Virat should see his photographs. His will be the last call on whether he wants Prashanth to be called his duplicate or not.



Some photographs are really convincing!



Oh please, none of the two look like Yuvraj!



The guy has recently taken few more shots that are evidently making him Virat’s lookalike.



Obsession at its peak.



He is in a lot of benefit with Virat Kohli’s increasing popularity.



I guess it’s his hairstyle that makes him look like Virat more.



What do you say?



Enough of coping. He should now work hard to make his own original identity.



It’s great to be someone’s fan but it’s not great to forget your own existence while copying others.

Source: Facebook

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