This Viral Video Is Winning Hearts And Making People Cry For All The Good Reasons

9:29 pm 30 Dec, 2017

We receive a number of forwarded messages every minute on our phones. These viral stories keep us busy and engaged. Sometimes the flood of viral stories is such that we even get irritated and try to avoid the videos and pictures even if they are being widely shared. Well, over the last few days, a video on Facebook and WhatsApp is going viral. And we assure you if you watch this video, it will definitely melt your heart.



There is something special about this video that it is directly touching the hearts of viewers and they simply cannot resist from forwarding it to their friends and family.



Actually, the video shows some people dancing in front of an elderly member of their family who is seen lying on the bed due to illness. The entire family, including children and even the cute Grand Ma, are seen performing Bhangra to bring a smile on the face of the patient.

Well, it is a known fact that sometimes medicines are not able to do the miracle that love and care can.



In addition to proper health care, if a patient is provided with affection and concern, they heal faster. It is not yet clear as to where and when the video was shot. But this sweet gesture of the family members has won the heart of the Internet. We thought you will enjoy watching it too, as this is the best thing circulating on the internet.

Watch the video here:

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