Delhi Metro’s Viral ‘Drunk Cop’ Video False; Cop Was Suffering From Medical Condition

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6:44 pm 21 Mar, 2016

In August 2015, a video of a ‘Drunk Delhi policeman’ went viral on Facebook attracting as many as around 2 million viewers.

The clip showed a Delhi Police cop who appeared to be in an inebriated state inside a Delhi Metro train.


Groggy, the cop – identified as Salim – is seen falling flat on his back when the train comes to a sudden halt.

But after a police enquiry and verification of his medical records, it was found that he was not drunk and that his disorientated state was the result of acute health problems.


Salim was suspended from his job post the video incident but was reinstated after investigation proved that it his medical condition was to be blamed for the incident.

He had suffered a paralytic stroke three years ago and was shifted to a desk job. His condition required him to be on medication, something he had forgotten to take that fateful day.

Learning of their mistake the police also declared his suspension period as “spent on duty.”


Now Salim’s wife has approached the Supreme Court seeking compensation for ‘defamation through social media.’

Besides the compensation, Salim wants the the video taken down and wants the Delhi government, Police Commissioner, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, and the Press Council of India to take steps so that he can “regain his lost dignity by publishing the correct factual position in some prominent places, print and electronic media”.


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