‘Violent’ Hillary Clinton Has Beaten, Scratched And Clawed Bill, Claims Political Strategist

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7:13 pm 7 Oct, 2015

Hillary Clinton, who is one of the foremost candidates for the 2016 presidential elections in US, has been described as “volatile and prone to violent outbursts” to such extent that she doesn’t even spare her own husband.

Political strategist Roger Stone details Hillary’s abusive behaviour — dating back to the Clintons’ days in Arkansas, where Bill served as governor.

“Hillary Clinton has a long history of being domestically violent with Bill,” Stone writes. “Hillary has beaten Bill, hit him with hard objects, scratched and clawed him, and made him bleed.”

Stone, a controversial figure who recently decamped from Donald Trump’s campaign, also delves into the more fantastical rumors that have dogged the Clintons for years.


His book, ‘The Clintons War on Women’, describes the abusive behaviour of Hillary Clinton and the alleged crimes in Arkansas committed by her when she was in the White House, as Secretary of State, and at the Clinton Foundation.

Stone also said that Clinton is not the champion for the children which she tries to portray herself in front of the world.

“We present the evidence that it was Hillary Clinton …who gave the order at Waco that killed 26 innocent children,” Stone told Breitbart News.

The Secret Service, Stone writes, got a glimpse of the domestic discord as early as Inauguration Day 1993, when Bill told her she couldn’t take the vice president’s office as her own.

“Hillary began Inauguration Day 1993 cursing and shrieking profanities at Bill,” Stone writes. This account was also documented in Gary Aldrich’s book ‘Unlimited Access: An FBI Agent Inside the Clinton White House’ — as was her verbal abuse towards her Secret Service detail.

“Just stay the f–k back — stay the f–k away from me!” she’d tell them. “Don’t come within 10 yards of me, or else! Just f–king do as I say, okay?”

Hillary, Aldrich writes, was incensed that a Secret Service agent refused to carry her luggage — not part of the job description.

Such disdain was inculcated in first daughter Chelsea. As former Bloomberg News reporter Kate Andersen Bower wrote in her book, ‘The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House’, Chelsea could be as vicious and imperious as her mother.

“Chelsea was on the phone,” Bower writes, when a Secret Service agent walked in. “ ‘Oh, I’ve got to go,’ she told her friend. ‘The pigs are here.’ ”

White House florist Ronn Payne recalled that agent turning “crimson” (furious).

“‘Ms. Clinton, I want to tell you something,’ he said. ‘My job is to stand between you, your family, and a bullet. Do you understand?’

“She replied, ‘Well, that’s what my mother and father call you.’ ”

In 1999, at the height of the Lewinsky scandal, Hillary again assaulted the President.

As editor and author R. Emmett Tyrell reports, the verbal and physical abuse has not relented since the Clintons left the White House: “Sources close to the Secret Service . . . report that dreadful altercations have erupted several times,” and usually involve “yelling, screaming, throwing of soft and hard objects, breakage of vases and glasses and just plain nastiness.”

Stone tells The Washington Post that the Hillary we see in her campaign is fake.

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