5 Vintage Illustrations Predicting The Future Are So Close To Reality That It Will Blow Your Mind

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5:25 pm 28 Nov, 2016

Remember drawing in your art classes thinking about what the future will be? There used to be so many chapters in our Hindi and English Readers talking about the future with fascinating illustrations. Flying cars, robots and what not.

Some people from the past have predicted a few thing so perfectly that their similarity with today’s reality will blow your mind!

1.TV glasses



Isn’t this similar to the virtual reality gadgets that are making people crazy these days? In 1963, this picture was printed in Life Magzine for famous science fiction author, Hugo Gernsback. A few considered Hugo as the father of science fiction.

In the image, Hugo is wearing a model of an apparatus that was mentioned in one of his stories. He named his gadget “TV glasses”. Hugo predicted that one day people will watch television so close that they will be able to interact with the screen. Such spot on prediction!


2. Video calls



This is one of the common sights we come across today. This image was made in 1930 and this view was predicted by many authors, futurists, and illustrators in the past. The picture perfectly illustrates the scene in which people are sitting and chatting with their friends using video calling apps on their smartphones.


3. Self-driving cars



In June 1940, this illustration appeared on the cover of Popular Science magazine. The image illustrated that in the future people will use automatic cars which won’t need a driver. In May 2012, the first license for a self-driven car was issued in the US. Though it’s not a common sight today but huge car manufacturers are working hard to make it possible for everyone.


4. Digital classroom



Someone already predicted the future with smart classes. Classes without books but with technology is something you can see in this image. Even the teacher is digital in the illustration. In 1969, Shigeru Komatsuzaki drew this image for a Japanese magazine called ‘Computopia’. It is called “The Rise of the Computerized School,” and it depicts the author’s idea of how a classroom will look in the future.


5. Robotic vacuum cleaners



Robotic vacuum cleaners might not be a common sight today but surely they are coming. In 1910, Jean-Marc Côté and his team of illustrators decided to create a set of illustrations which they named “En L’An 2000”  (in the year 2000). The ‘electric scrubbing’ came out accurate in the beginning of the century when robotic technology started rising. Companies started producing robots to help cleaning houses.

Is this a coincidence or some miracle? These people have predicted the future with so much accuracy.


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