After Being Ignored By Politicians, Villagers In Haryana Build A Bridge By Crowdfunding

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4:59 pm 3 Jul, 2015

Are you waiting for superman to solve your problems? Are you waiting for the government to solve your problems? If that’s the case, then wake up and solve your problems yourself. This has been the motto of the villagers in Haryana who teamed up and collected Rs 1 crore to build a bridge, reports Economics Times.

When politicians and bureaucrats ignored their requests to build them a bridge over Ghaggar river so that they could reach Sirsa town with their farm produce faster, the residents of nine villages took the matter into their own hands. They have funded a 250-foot-long, 14-foot-wide bridge connecting Aleeka and Panihari villages to Sirsa.


The work on the bridge, which started in April 2014, is near completion. Once completed, the bridge will be a lifeline for 1.25 lakh people as it will cut the distance from their villages to Sirsa town by at least 30 km. They will also get easier access to markets in Punjab for their farm produce.


So, how did this idea came about? Major Singh, a resident of Aleeka village, said:

“While on a visit to Rajasthan, Hardev Singh came across an engineer in Hanumangarh who was supervising construction of a government bridge. After inquiring about the cost, he discussed the idea of building our own bridge with the villagers. Brahm Dass ji laid the foundation. Initially, Panihari and Aleeka villages came together and later a cluster of seven villages joined hands.”

Hardev Singh of Panihari village said:

“For us, a labourer who contributed Rs 500 and a widow who contributed her pension of Rs 1,000 are more important than those who fooled us for more than three decades. From Devi Lal to current chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar, we had represented our case to all. Except for Sirsa MP Charanjit Singh Rori and former minister Gopal Kanda who  contributed Rs 1 lakh and Rs 5.51 lakh respectively from their personal funds no one even bothered to look at us .”
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