Viktoria Modesta, The World’s First Bionic Pop Star, Turned Her Disability Into An Asset

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2:28 pm 10 Apr, 2015

Born Viktorija Moskaļova in Daugavpils, Latvia, in 1987, Viktoria spent a lot of her childhood in hospitals because of a doctor’s negligence during her birth. When she was 12, her family moved to the UK in hope of better treatment, but in 2007, Viktoria  decided to go for a below-the-knee amputation to help improve her mobility and health.

Modesta became a model at the age of 15 for subculture magazines like ‘Bizarre’ and ‘Skin Two’. James Stroud’s nude portrait of Viktoria was featured in the National Portrait Gallery.

In 2002, Modesta took a one-year course for vocal technology at London Music School. In 2009, she collaborated with Nik Hodges and released ‘Jane Bond’. In December 2014, she launched a collaboration with Channel 4 – Born Risky. Her first release under this was the song ‘Prototype’, which presents her as a new kind of artist.

Instead of letting circumstances get to her, Viktoria has gone on to become a successful model and musician, changing the way people view disability.

Watch Viktoria in her music video for ‘Prototype’:

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