Vikram Bhatt Tries To Promote New Movie By Talking Of Affairs With Sushmita And Ameesha

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7:56 pm 14 Sep, 2016

Vikram Bhatt is the godawful director of shitty movies that should probably not see light of day. EVER. He once ripped off a pretty good movie (‘What Lies Beneath’) and gave us ‘Raaz’, which went on to become a hit. He has since chosen the horror genre; I’m guessing because the sleaze will keep it going since there’s no talent involved.

Earlier this year, while promoting ‘Love Games’, Vikram Bhatt did what he has been doing – talking about his past affairs with Bollywood actress to get some coverage in the tabloids. He had talked about his relationship with Sushmita Sen back then.


Now the director is trying to promote his new movie ‘Raaz Reboot’, which stars Emraan Hashmi and Kriti Kharbanda. This time, he decided to go with a double-edged sword and talked about his affairs with both Sen and Ameesha Patel. He has said:

“Today , when I look back, I have nothing but a lot of respect for all the women who I have dated. Somewhere, there was a basic goodness in all of them, but I believe that secrets are the enemy of love. I married early in life, and we were a very young couple. I thought it was childish of my (then) wife to put restrictions on me, and even I was immature at handling it. Then I started hiding what I was feeling and that secret became the third person in our relationship. When you are not happy with the person you are married to and you can’t tell her that, it becomes a secret. I had an extramarital affair, which was again a secret. It was not Sushmita’s (Sen) fault, because I was the one with secrets. Even Ameesha (Patel) is a great girl, but when she was not happy, I told her, `Listen, two people come together to be happy and if you are not, then you should find happiness elsewhere.”


While it’s lovely of the director to not only keep dwelling on his past but reminding us of it constantly too, we’re pretty sure both the ladies wish he’d move on with his life and focus more on his movie’s plots than his failed affairs.



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