Vidya Balan Hosts ‘Savdhaan India’: Bollywood Gets Creative With It’s Promotional Strategy

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10:58 pm 12 Nov, 2016

Bollywood has been trying its hand at out-of-the-box promotional strategies for a while now. Actors show up as guests on other actors’ talk shows/game shows, or they throw promotional events or some such. Aamir Khan has taken to hanging out with his ‘Dangal’ daughters at many a social event — dinners and premieres and whatnot!

The promotional strategy for ‘Kahaani 2’ has been unique from the get-go! From a “Wanted” poster with Vidya Balan’s mugshot on it being plastered on city walls, to a teaser/trailer that is a news bulletin about a runaway convict, ‘Kahaani 2’ is creating waves with its hatke promos.

The latest in this string of unique promotions is that Vidya Balan hosted an episode of ‘Savdhaan India’. It’s a brilliant move, really! What better way to promote a movie that’s all about crime than on a show that’s dedicated to catching criminals?!!


A lot of people are looking forward to ‘Kahaani 2’ simply because ‘Kahaani’ was a brilliantly executed movie. If ‘Kahaani 2’ is even half as good as ‘Kahaani’ was, they really don’t need to do much by way of publicity. Because at the end of the day, a movie works only if it’s good enough.

Anyway, here’s wishing them luck!


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