This Video Of People Playing Real-Life Ludo In A Desert Has Gone Viral

9:30 am 10 Sep, 2017

Most of us love to play ludo. Many still play it whenever they get time. To many, it was indeed one of the favourite childhood games. Not just kids, even adults spend their leisure time playing this game. Before the advent of the Internet, ludo was very much a part of life. It is only now that the game has become almost out of sight. But a group of people have taken ludo up a notch by playing the game in a manner never seen before. They’ve taken the game to a whole new level. And, interestingly, it has gone viral.

All they needed is a vast desert, a huge dice and…believe it or not…themselves in place of the pieces. Take a look at how these people are playing ludo in real life in a desert.

1. A dice is rolled for a player to advance along the boxes.


Ludo Star


2. The ‘pieces’ have a hilarious way of cancelling each other.


Ludo Star


3. They’re having a great time in the sun and it looks so much fun.


Ludo Star


4. Isn’t this really interesting?


Ludo Star


Watch the full video of people playing ludo in real life in a desert:

Ludostar 🤓🤓

"Quotations." 发布于 2017年9月6日


Imagine how it would be like playing it with your friends. You wanna try this with your friends? Let us try it and bring our childhood game back to life. What say, folks?

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