This ‘Wrapping Shoe’ Can Fit Anyone’s Feet Perfectly. Yes, It Has A Japanese Connection.

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10:52 am 28 Aug, 2015

Japan is known for its state-of-the-art technology and has always been in the forefront for breakthroughs. Keeping up with that reputation they, along with Italian shoemaker Vibram, have now come up with innovative designs that will help you get those perfectly fitting shoes which are so rare to find.

Vibram, who are known for their military footwear collection, got the idea to make “Wrapping Sole” which basically is a fabric wrapped around feet.


The idea was conceived and created by Japanese designer Masaya Hashimoto, who drew inspiration from traditional wrapping cloth Furoshiki used for transporting goods from one place to other.

Going by the same concept, Hashimoto created Furoshiki Shoes, which basically wraps around you foot and then are fastened by Valcros.

“Wrapping Sole” as Vibram calls them are already out in the market, with the unique shoes now available in Vibaram’s Japanese stores.


The Foroshiki shoes cost about $140, that is approximately Rs. 9,250 approximately.

There are available in five different colours.


While these shoes are pretty costly, the idea and concept of ‘wrap around’ shoes are brilliant. The one unique thing about these shoes is that they really look good, which is something where Crocs footwear failed. Although heavily copied across the globe, Crocs shoes caught people’s attention for their ugly design.

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