After Ahmedabad-Mumbai, Now Varanasi-Delhi To Be Connected With Bullet Train

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3:38 pm 20 Jun, 2016

Taking their dream to bring bullet trains in India a step forward, the Narendra Modi government on June 19 proposed to start a second bullet train from New Delhi to Varanasi, which will cover the distance in just two hours and 40 minutes.

The first proposal for the bullet train was made between Mumbai-Ahmedabad corridor few months back, which is expected to begin operation in 2023.


Indian Express

Representational Image. Indian Express

According to a report, the project would also connect Aligarh, Agra, Kanpur, Lucknow and Sultanpur.

The report also stated that the project has been fast-tracked in the wake of UP assembly polls next year and would be extended till Kolkata.


Economic Times

Representational Image Economic Times

The report also revealed that the corridor would be part of  the ambitious 1513 km-long project.

On this line the travel time between Delhi and Lucknow, which is 506 km, is likely to be covered in 1 hour 45 minutes, while between Delhi to Kolkata, which is about 1,513 km, would be covered in 4 hours 56 minutes.


delhi to lucknow

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The feasibility of the proposed corridor is being studied by a Spanish firm and they have already submitted the interim report in this regard.

The final report is expected to come by the end of this year.

The preliminary cost of this project at present is being estimated to be around Rs.43,000 crore between Delhi and Varanasi stretch and around Rs.84,000 crore on Delhi-Kolkata corridor.


Final cost is yet to be worked out.


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