V.K. Singh Has This Badass Reply For Burhan Wani Sympathisers And Those Trying To Break India

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12:02 pm 17 Jul, 2016

Former Army chief and now Minister of State External Affairs V.K. Singh needs no introduction. Not only did he excelled as a General, Singh is now hailed across the country for spearheading two of India’s biggest, most intense evacuation operations in recent years.

While he was busy rescuing Indians trapped in South Sudan, Kashmir continued to boil over the killing of a terrorist called Burhan Wani.

Locals pelted stones at security forces and Separatists crowed from the top of their lungs accusing the Indian Army of everything that is wrong in the state.


What is shocking is that two thousand kilometers from the state, so called ‘intellectuals’ studying or teaching in prominent colleges of West Bengal carried out a rally in which they chanted “Kashmir Maange Azadi, Manipur Maange Azadi” (Kashmir demands freedom, Manipur demands freedom).

The retired General took to Facebook to comment on what is wrong in Kashmir, who is behind this, why certain groups are trying to fan anti-India flames, and why there is still hope for the common people in the Valley.

He begins by commenting on how “intellectuals” jumped to express their sympathies with Wani, even calling him a “martyr”, and accuse the Centre and State governments and Indian security forces of “forcefully scuttling the voices” of the Kashmiris.

“When terrorists, jealous neighbours and traitors living in our country combine their voices, it is a clear sign that the ground beneath them is shaking,” writes Singh.



Leftist students and teachers in West Bengal during a rally calling for Kashmir’s “azadi”. DNA

He then reminds of how the Indian armed forces who risked their lives to save Kashmiri people during the 2014 Kashmir floods – the worst in the state in over a century.

“How many Kashmiris did Burhan Wani rescue during the devastating floods?” he asks.


Singh writes that Wani encouraged youths against the very Indian armed forces which saved the lives of lakhs during the floods.

“The Indian Army has eliminated him. And we are proud of this,” he states.

He reminds Kashmiris who hate the Indian armed forces and side with the separatists that it will be the Indian armed forces again who will come to the rescue if another 2014-like calamity ever strikes the state.

Singh then directs the gun on those who demand a plebiscite in Kashmir – like the one “intellectuals” in the West Bengal rally did.

“Even if India wants, it cannot hold a plebiscite under the UN Convention because a key requirement under the convention is that Pakistan removes its army from Pak-occupied Kashmir.

“Kashmiris are being misled about this,” he writes.


A Kashmiri protester throwing a brick at a policeman during Wni protests in Srinagar, Kashmir. AP Photo/Mukhtar Khan

A Kashmiri protester throwing a brick at a policeman during Wni protests in Srinagar, Kashmir. AP Photo/Mukhtar Khang 

Referring to IAS topper Shah Faesal, Singh also expresses his grief at the fact that while one Kashmiri takes the gun another tops the civil services examination.

“The youth will have to decide which option will help them improve Kashmir’s situation,” he writes.

“Kashmir will be ours. It was in 1947 and it will forever be,” writes the minister, asking the Kashmiri youth whether to be a part of India’s rise which even the world is now acknowledging.

He closes his post urging the Kashmiri youth to step out of the mob and determine their future on their own.

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