10 Useful Hacks To Follow If You’re Thinking To Quit Your Job

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8:28 pm 13 Jul, 2015

1. Get back those udharis and be ready to ask your parents.


hera pheri


2. Monetize your skills with freelance while keeping Joker’s adage in mind.



3. Get information about your new karmabhoomi.

In case you’re moving to an unfamiliar city, check out its ins and outs on the internet. It’d make your whole transition smoother.


arriving to new place


4. Using furnitures on rent helps in future mobility.

Till the time you have not landed your dream job where you plan to spend the rest of your life (which doesn’t exist these days); try not buy heavy and expensive furniture and appliances, better rent them out from Rentomojo.


home shifting


5. Speak to your boss about a raise.

Find out how much your company values you. If they let you go, they’ve really never cared you much.


salary raise


6. Keep visiting job portals.

Sometimes your ideal job is only a click away, trouncing the hitches of money and time.


saved money


7. If you need a heavy raise, learn to say ‘No’ politely.


nana patekar laughing


8. Have a grand party with your colleagues.

Even a little acquaintance can do wonders for you in life’s journey. Don’t you agree?


party with friends


9. Don’t kill your time, do something productive.

Since now you would have some spare time, better start doing things you were ignoring up till now such as traveling, reading, gymming etc.


Andre Gide


10. If your ‘quit plan’ is driven by emotional reasons rather than logical, drop it immediately.

Emotional shifts just happen. Deal with it.




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