US Once Again Raps Pak Over Nuclear Attack Talk, Calls It ‘Serious And Irresponsible’

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2:11 pm 1 Oct, 2016

The United States of America has strongly objected to Pakistan threats of nuclear warfare against India and has even conveyed its displeasure to them  in this regard.


Though how and to whom these messages were conveyed has not been made clear, according to a senior State Department Official, the US has “repeatedly” told Pakistan that such threats are “very concerning” and a “serious thing”.

The official, who didn’t want to be identified, further added that the Obama Administration is seeing such threats as an “irresponsible” behaviour by top Pakistani leadership and finds it to be a very serious concern.

When asked about Pakistan Defence Minister Khawaja Asif, who in past 15 days has asserted twice that his country could use nuclear weapons against India…


…The official said the statements “raised eyebrows” and is being seen as “irresponsible” statement.

He,though, immediately asserted that the US has concerns over the safety of nuclear weapons in Pakistan, and thus they are closely monitoring the safety and security of these weapons of mass destruction.

“The safety of these weapons is always a concern for us. So we are always monitoring it, regardless of what they said on this particular occasion.”

Besides Pakistan Defence Minister Asif, Jamaat-Ud-Dawah (JUD) chief Hafiz Saeed to continues to make threatening statements against India.

He recently even claimed that “New Delhi staged surgical strike drama” following domestic pressure upon the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi after Uri Attack.


Meanwhile, the US continued to urge both India and Pakistan to take steps to de-escalate tension following the Uri terror attack.

US Deputy State Department Spokesman Mark Toner even told reporters:

“From our perspective, we urge calm and restraint by both sides. We understand that the Pakistani and Indian militaries have been in communication and we believe that continued communication between them is important to reduce tensions.”


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