US In Touch With India Over Kashmir Unrest, Wants To See The Tension De-escalate

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4:27 pm 30 Jul, 2016

Expressing concerns over the recent unrest in Kashmir, the United States government has asked “all sides” to make efforts to find a peaceful solution to the growing issue.


The Protests which which has been going on since July 9, has led to as many as 47 people being killed and over 5,500 people being injured due to violence.

While Kashmiris have alleged atrocities by the Indian armed forces during the protests, it was the use of pellet guns that injured many.

It’s use is under the scanner, though CRPF has said they will continue using it.


Sabrang India

A Kashmiri man’s face after being injured by pellet guns. Sabrang India

Meanwhile Pakistan has made its own controversial statements giving heat to violence and even observed a “black day” in protest.

Looking at the issue US state department spokesperson John Kirby said :



He then further added that the US government is in close touch with India over the issue and both the countries “want to see the tension de-escalate”.

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