US Astronaut Shares Amazing Pictures Of South India From Space

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6:16 pm 5 Jan, 2016

U.S. astronaut, Scott Joseph Kelly, shared some spectacular photographs of South India on social media.

Kelly, who has been spending time in International Space Station (ISS) over 280 days, is the longest-living US astronaut to do so.

Giving a pictorial treat to Earthians, Kelly shared amazing views of South India from space.

The photos have been retweeted more than 5,000 times and have gone viral.



The photo gives a breathtaking view of the God’s own country.



Kelly, 51, is a retired US navy captain and engineer. He also shared pictures of Africa.


He captioned Africa’s photo as ‘Earth Art’.


Surely, the photos look likes an abstract art.



Earlier too, during the time of Diwali, Kelly had shared a photo of South India from space.




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