Few Uplifting Points About Polar Vortex That Are Surely Unique To Your Knowledge

3:00 am 15 Jan, 2014

In the past few years, mankind has experienced a variety of disasters and conditions that are not only severe and tough, but are also unique to our knowledge. Calamities like Tsunami, hurricanes, earthquakes etc. have all occurred causing an extreme impact to life as well as property. The most common reason behind the occurrences of these hazards is that the resources that are available in the environment are limited and the wants of human beings are unlimited which thus leads to the exploitation of these resources. The most recent form of the disaster category that is being faced by humans in USA is Polar Vortex. In an ordinary language, this leads to wind being extremely chilly almost having a penetrating effect of the naked skin. Below are a few things that one needs to understand and know about Polar Vortex-

What does it mean?

The term ‘Polar Vortex’ means the movement and circulation of extremely strong, frigid and high-level winds that are usually around the North Pole and their direction is that of a counterclockwise motion. Many people are surprised to know that Santa isn’t the only visitor from the North Pole anymore. The bitter cold that is air locked in the Arctic region of the Northern Hemisphere is done by these low-pressure winds. Polar vortex has two phases- positive and negative. The negative phase is more problematic than the other one and tends to occur a few times in a year with its level if severity distinguishing from time to time.

Few Uplifting Points About Polar Vortex That Are Surely Unique To Your Knowledge

Areas that may be affected:

Polar Vortex most likely occurs in the Northern Hemisphere. Therefore, places in Europe, Asia and North America will be most affected by it. In fact, Polar Vortex has occurred in USA right now. Schools, workplaces etc. have all been closed due to the extremely bad weather. Reports say that the winds are that frigid and cold that if you put a banana out for 5 seconds, it becomes very hard and then can be used as a hammer.

Few Uplifting Points About Polar Vortex That Are Surely Unique To Your Knowledge

Is it a result of Global Warming?

This is a topic that is being highly debated and researched upon throughout the world currently. Many studies say that yes, a Polar Vortex may be caused due to global warming since it is counterintuitive that global warming leads to severe snaps of cold like the vortex but many researches show that it is possible. We’re aware that extreme weather conditions can occur due to the melting of the Arctic Sea ice and this may be one of them too.

Few Uplifting Points About Polar Vortex That Are Surely Unique To Your Knowledge

Why is it so dangerous?

Due to extremely cold climate scientists believe that the “Polar Vortex” can make your exposed skin freeze within 5 minutes. Moreover this can also lead to obstruction in the flow of blood inside a human body. For this very reason people in US are asked by the authorities to restrict their movements out of their houses as it may prove deadly. Authorities have advised peopleto dress up properly, keep winter survival kit handy and pay close attention to the weather forecast. Not only humans, this phenomenon even affects a vehicle. As per several reports, many vehicles are not able to start due to the extreme conditions.

Few Uplifting Points About Polar Vortex That Are Surely Unique To Your Knowledge

Exactly how cold is it?

The pool of cold air that has landed upon United States has proved to be one of the scariest situations that a human being can go through. The temperatures have fallen as low as -60 degree Celsius in some parts of the country.

Temperatures have fallen so low that it causes bubbles to freeze in the air.

Not just bubbles, even boiling water freezes in the cold conditions.

Robert Vick escaped from the Blackburn Correction Complex in Lexington, Ky. wearing a shirt, jacket and khaki pants issued by the prison. Little did he know that eventually he had to turn himself back in just to avoid the cold weather outside.

The “Polar Vortex” has even led to break the lowest temperature records at many places. Places like Texas, Indiana, Virginia, Oklahoma,Illinois, and New York faced the coldest weather in over 20 years due to this deadly phenomenon.

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