UP Cops Are Investigating A ‘Dayan’ That Has Been Terrorizing Residents In Allahabad

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3:31 pm 3 Jul, 2015

Progress is surely the name of the game for UP cops. From finding Samajwadi Party minister Azam Khan’s buffaloes to hunting for stolen chickens belonging to someone in Rajbhawan, they have now gone on to looking for a ghost who has been giving residents a scare in Allahabad.

A ‘dayan’ has reportedly been haunting the area near Sant Nirankari Railway Crossing and has scared the residents so badly that they have stopped using the route.



The news of the witch and her ghostly ways has been spreading through social media and WhatsApp. When this came to the attention of the police, they began patrolling the area. An inquiry in the matter has been issued by the SSP to the Keedganj Police Station.

In more sane news, police officials admitted that the ‘witch’ is probably a hoax being perpetrated by a criminal gang in order to scare and loot people.



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