You Must See These Amazing Unseen Photos Of Barack Obama During His Eight Years Of Presidency

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6:17 pm 13 Nov, 2016

After Donald Trump was elected as U.S. 45th president, many were sad. Not just because Hillary Clinton lost, but also because it was time to say goodbye to Barack Obama era.

Barack Obama has been one of the favourite presidents of our time. H e is literally popular and admired by millions across the globe. And why not? He is charming, witty, inspiring and very candid. He appears to be so approachable and he has proved that many times.

The White House official photographer, Pete Souza, released some of his favourites pictures during Obama’s eight years of presidency. Here are some of them:

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama has given us solid relationship goals. Their love in the pictures says it all.



3a3f914400000578-3926100-march_7_2015_ii_was_moving_around_trying_to_capture_different_sc-a-4_1478871703268-600x400We all know how much Barack Obama loves children. He never missed a moment to have fun with them.




He is one of the presidents who made sure his staff from lower to higher ranks are taken care of.



3a3f8f7000000578-3926100-image-a-91_1478837362565Despite being a president o the most powerful country, Barack Obama have time and again managed to find way to relax and contemplate about various affairs.





A remarkable person and president indeed. You will be missed. Don’t you think so?


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