Government Planning To Impose A Fine Of Rs.1000 And Above For Unnecessarily Honking In Traffic

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4:27 pm 30 Jun, 2016

According to reports, the Centre is planning to impose a hefty fine on vehicles that excessively honk.



The report also states that according to a new government proposal, there might soon be a hefty fine for owners, dealers or manufacturers of fancy horns that cause a nuisance on Indian roads apart from leading to noise pollution.

The proposal has asked for a fine of Rs.500 for “needless or continuous” honking for first time offenders, which would be increased to Rs.1,000 for any subsequent offence.


Representational Image BCCL

Representational Image. BCCL

Further there is also a proposal to impose a hefty fine of Rs.5,000 for owners of vehicles with multi-toned horns or air horns.

While dealers and owners of garages who install such horns will have to pay as much as Rs.1 lakh for installing such horns.

At present modalities of this proposal is being worked upon and the government is likely to added it as part of the comprehensive amendments that would added to the Motor Vehicle Act.


The report also claims that these amendments might be introduced in the parliament in the Monsoon session.

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