Here’s How Your Gol Gappa Dough Is Kneaded: With Bare Feet In An Unhygienic Space

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12:07 am 8 Sep, 2016

Monsoon showers can bring unexpected delights; sharing an umbrella with your crush, staying back late with your friends, and huddling under the umbrella of a street food vendor, eating some savory snacks. When it comes to Indian street food, what’s more tempting than gol gappas (also called paani puri)? However, maybe next time, you should skip this particular treat.

The dough that gol gappas are made of is very sticky and requires a lot of kneading, which is hard to do by hand. Therefore, it is often done with unwashed and bare feet in shallow containers.

kneading pani puri


As you can see in the photo above, these men don’t even cover their feet with plastic bags while kneading the dough. There are some obvious health hazards when food is prepared in such unhygienic ways. So it is probably best to skip this street food unless you’re sure of the quality.


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