‘Udta Punjab’: The Junkie, The Rockstar, The Doctor, And The Cop

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10:00 am 25 Apr, 2016

They’ve been “unveiling” the look of the cast of ‘Udta Punjab’ for the last couple weeks now, and they finally released the trailer last week. Very onion-like they’ve been about the movie. You know, layer by layer by layer and all that. I guess these days the movie industry will do anything to garner a little public interest.


Anyway, so there’s the junkie, the rockstar, the doctor, and the cop. Sounds like an interesting bunch, don’t it? ‘Udta Punjab’ would have you believe every second person in Punjab is high as a freaking kite because of the easy availability of over-the-counter drugs coupled with a very lax police force.


Shahid plays Tommy Singh, the “rockstar”, a potty-mouth delinquent who thinks peeing on stage makes for a brilliant statement. Every second word out his mouth is an expletive, and like any rockstar worth his salt, he’s high more times than not.


Then there’s the junkie, played by Alia Bhatt. She’s from some province in Bihar and her look in the movie seems to have irked some Biharis, for reasons beyond my understanding. I’ve never quite understood why they consider their regional identity a racial slur. I mean, when you call a person from Bengal a Bengali they don’t seem to mind!

the bihari

Nobody thinks all Biharis look like this. This particular one does, is all! indianexpress


Kareena plays a know-it-all doctor who seems to have made it her mission in life to be a giant buzzkill! Whilst sitting firmly astride her high horse, she lectures local cops on how to do their job.

And finally, there’s the cop — Punjab’s homegrown celebrity, Diljit Dosanjh. I have absolutely no idea who he is or what to expect from him, besides the possibility that he might break into song during one of Kareena’s many tirades. (I hear he’s a singer and whatnot!)


Jokes aside, it looks interesting, ‘Udta Punjab’ does! Which, for a Bollywood movie, is saying a LOT! Let’s hope it lives up to its promise!


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