UAE Grants Land For First Hindu Temple In Entire Arabian Peninsula

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6:18 pm 18 Aug, 2015

Before the self-proclaimed guardians of secularism in India jump to their own ‘informed’ conclusions, know that Indian PM Narendra Modi’s visit to the UAE was NOT for this. This is just a goodwill gesture on part of the government of UAE towards Indians.

The government of United Arab Emirates has decided to allocate land for the building of a temple in their country. The temple, once built, will be the first of its kind in the entire Arabian Peninsula.

Modi expressed his thanks in a tweet:



With his two-day trip to the UAE, Narendra Modi became the first Indian PM in 34 years to visit the country. He began his official tour with a visit to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the third largest mosque in the world.


India and UAE elevated their relationship from a purely bilateral one to a comprehensive strategic one. This means that UAE and India are now on the same page against terrorism.


The Gulf OPEC member’s economy minister Sultan bin Saeed al-Mansouri said on Monday that UAE is open to meeting any demand for oil from India.

Around 9 per cent of India’s energy needs are fulfilled by imports from Abu Dhabi.


The UAE has also extended support to India’s candidature for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council.


Modi in UAE

PM Modi meeting Indians in Abu Dhabi. PIB

India and UAE have taken a big step towards a stronger relationship between New Delhi and Abu Dhabi. And, it is of course worth noting that Narendra Modi is the first PM after Indira Gandhi to have visited the country.


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