10 Adjectives To Aptly Describe The Typical Bambaiiya Drivers

10:00 am 22 Jul, 2015

There are some words without which we wouldn’t be able to fully describe Mumbai. One of the things which calls forth many adjectives is our ‘beloved’ Bambaiiya drivers. There are some aspects about them which totally piss us off. Some of them are given below.

1. Rash

This is the first on anybody’s list. When you are behind their wheel, you are at their mercy. Signals, people and trust are all run over in a matter of minutes.


2. Foul-mouthed

Abuses flow just like water from the opened gates of an overflowing dam. And the abuses are classic. You end up refreshing your Hindi abuses vocabulary every time you decide to travel without a vehicle of your own.


3. Smelly

If your olfactory senses are severely challenged, auto rickshaw rides will be fun. The soap, toothpaste and the deodorant industry has apparently lacked in their marketing and PR. Shortcomings of media, alas!


4. Curious

Now, curious doesn’t mean that they want to know the capital of Ecuador. They are just interested in what you are discussing with your fellow passenger. Also, they have a few good words of advice as inputs. For this, we pay them the fare.


5. Incessant

Even at a red light, the horns are blaring. I suggest that first-time Mumbai visitors carry ear-buds with them.


6. Perverts

They know the laws of physics a little too well. The front and side mirrors are always adjusted to give a clear yet discreet view. Now that explains the reasons for a lot of terrestrial glitches.


7. Arrogant

Always remember, YOU are at THEIR mercy. If you want to go somewhere they want to, only then will you reach your destination.


8. Intellectual

They always have an opinion on The Great Indian Politics, cricket and Bollywood. And surprisingly, it is never too wrong.


9. Stupendous

The testosterone overflows. And the effects are seen on the poor vehicle. Now, before you deduce anything different from my self-claimed statement, I clearly meant that they drive too fast.


10. Superstitious

Nimbu and mirchi are the secrets to success.



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