10 Types of Whatsapp Groups You Almost Hate

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10:00 am 30 Jul, 2015

Everyone today is addicted to WhatsApp (yeah, even your parents) and have different kinds of groups that they have to face day-in and day-out or what we know in a more trendy manner, “ You have to live with it ya!”

Here are a few types of WhatsApp groups everyone might be on and some might be Admins of! Haye daiyya!

1. The family group

Yes, I get it. What a sad start to the listicle already! But like I mentioned, you have to live with it. Our parents and uncle-aunties think it’s cool to forward Good Morning pictures with flowers and butterflies in the background and you’re helpless because you don’t want them to tell them how UNCOOL they are.


Whatsaap group

“Thank you, my day would’ve sucked less if not for 3 thousand of these messages.” WhatsApp

2. The cousin’s group

Followed by the family, this group has to be there for everyone where each cousin will ask how uncle and aunt are or tell how overjoyed he/she is on the arrival of their first, second, third or 7th child…


Whatsapp groups

“Take care of mom and dad dear sista!” S3

3. The sport maniacs

This group will have people who follow a sport religiously and would give their opinions every now and then sitting at home or in the office because they feel their opinions are more important than the work they are supposed to be doing. Because after trying to tell Sachin through TV how to bat, now people are trying to tell football managers how to play.


Whatsapp groups

“Abe Mourinho kya champak hai, isse acha bus driver bann jaata” TalkSport

4. The college group

There are only two types of questions asked in this group.
One, ‘Kal lecture kiska hai?’
Two, ‘Submission ka last date kab hai?’
And the last question is frequently asked one day prior to the submission date.


Whatsapp groups

“Abhi toh apne paas 150 page ka assignment karne ke liye half hour baaki hai! Thoda mazaa kar lete hai pehle!” ApunKaChoice

5. The girl friends forever group

This group is usually short and comprises of only girls mostly, because hey, we don’t want to invite others for the sleepovers and shopping because that female, I tell you…


Whatsapp groups

“My socks smell better than she does!” HourDose

6. The so called party animals

This group is created before organizing a party and this cannot be done in the college group because you don’t want that guy who plays Arijit Singh songs and that girl who cannot handle her vodka…


Whatsapp groups

“Hum tere sath kabhi pi nahi sakte, EDM se hai wajood mera.” PinkVilla

7. The old schoolies

Aah! Your Old is Gold type of friends who plan to meet every month but the only time they meet you is accidentally at Dadar station or at some creepy mall.


Whatsapp groups

“Arre yaar, wo bachpan ke din hi kuch aur the!” Wikimedia

8. The dead group

You don’t know the group exists till you scroll down to the end only to see the message ‘you were added’ and you have no clue when and why this group was created.


Whatsapp groups

“Mujhe chhod do, mere haal pe! Zinda hua yaar, kaafi hai!” Independent

9. The birthday waala group

This is somewhat similar to the Dead Group, but the only time it gets super active is on someone’s birthday. It will have 50 Happy Birthday messages and the rest is silence…


Whatsapp groups

“Itne members kab add hue?” WhatsApp360

10. The sexy group

The day starts with Kaley Cuoco and ends with Mia Khalifa here. From guy groups to young mothers groups, each one will have their own such groups which make you put a lock on your phone lest someone browse it ever!


Whatsapp groups

“We gonna do it do it!” Sexcherries24


We deliberately didn’t add the work groups because well, sometimes you really need them!


Which ones did we miss? Which ones are you on that completely annoy you?


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