13 Types Of Teachers Every Indian College Has

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10:00 am 15 Jul, 2015

The good, the bad and the terrifying! We’ve spent a good deal of our lives, loving, hating, mimicking teachers. Say what you want to, but they’ve been an indispensable part of our lives, so much so that when you’ve grown up, you remember them for their proficiency in teaching, you remember some for their absurd pronunciations and some for being absolute Hitlers.

Here’s a list of varied types of teachers we’ve crossed paths with at least once in this lifetime with sweet and bitter memories attached with them.

1. The disciplinarian

She’s the reason for your low attendance. She won’t let you sign on the attendance sheet if you’re 30 seconds late for class. She’s the reason you probably have to endure a 15 minute sermon on how a stitch in time saves nine story.



I don’t feel sorry but I’ll act like it anyway. amulyam

2. The tardy professor

Phew! Finally you can get an extra hour of sleep, courtesy-the teacher who’s always late. Because the concept of punctuality is as alien to him as it is to us, he doesn’t mind you showing up late and you get to sign the attendance sheet. Can my day get any better?


Type of teacher

Maah lyf, maah time! ibtimes

3. The gilderoy lockhart

This teacher is not fit for teaching, he’s misplaced. Yes, he is an absolute enthusiast and an exhibit. Only, he ends up making a complete of mockery of himself because he’s as clueless as a student without a syllabus.



Probably as clueless as him. funnfun

4. The no nonsense teacher

He’s level headed, strict and won’t take crap from students. And for some reason extremely serious. But you can’t help admiring him for his finesse and you look up to him.


5. The grudge

We all have this one teacher who, for some reason known to him/her, hates you passionately. You’re absolutely clueless why you’re always at the receiving end.  Detentions are as common as taking a nap.



Haath aage karo! india

6. The swingers

You are clueless about this teacher. Their moods swing like a giant pendulum, and you have no idea when you’ll be struck.



I’m in a fix! I don’t know if I should shout at them or greet them. india

7. The philosopher

Unfortunately for this teacher, everything has a deep, hidden meaning or message. Something as insignificant as a blue curtain can represent a person’s immense depression and gloomy weather.



This hair signifies such hidden angst… business24-7

8. The cool teacher

Everyone loves the cool teacher. They are an absolute favourite amongst the students. You actually look forward to their lectures because they are just a better version of you!



Sir aapko bhi ID Card puchte hai? intoday

9. The teacher with a thick accent

It doesn’t matter if the lecture is boring or tedious, the funny accent compensates for it. They’re usually the ones who’re mocked at and mimicked.



Moon ki shokti! sulekha

10. The lazy one

This teacher is usually lazy to even stand in the class. They seat themselves comfortably and assign students to read the textbook out loud, while they doze off.



Ek bistar ko dekha toh aisa laga…. blogspot

11. The perv

We have this one teacher who makes you uncomfortable and gives you the creeps. They make everything sound very innuendo-ish. You usually steer clear of them.


12. The hot teacher

It matters not if he/she is a pathetic teacher, you still attend each and every lecture just to stare at them. Just a good morning in the hallway is enough to make your day.



Nuff said! youtube

13. The ‘how did she become a teacher’ teacher

To be honest, you have no clue how they landed up being teachers. They don’t have a grasp on the subject they’re teaching. Here, the roles are reversed, and you’re usually the one who’s doing all the problem solving and explaining.



Which teacher type did we miss? Which of these have you had?


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