23 Types Of Students We See In Every Class

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12:00 pm 28 Feb, 2016

Haven’t we all had schoolmates who would stand out because of their unusual and consistent traits? Didn’t we enjoy or sometimes detest their company? We sure can recollect names of those classmates and assign them to the type mentioned in this post. I am sure you can relate some to yourself as well. So, which one of these were you?


1. The ‘I didn’t do it’ type

Traits: You will find this student always coming up with this excuse to cover up for a prank played in the class.


2. The latecomer

Traits: This one turns up late despite all the efforts to come early.


3. The early riser

Traits: The one who turns up early despite all the efforts to come late.


4. The extra marks seeker

Traits: He rushes to the teacher as soon as the results are passed and presses the teacher to increase his marks.


5. The debater

Traits: This student loves arguing about anything, be it a point raised by the teacher or a student. He always has an opinion.


6. The excuse innovator

Traits: The one who comes up with the best and most innovative excuse for forgetting his books or not completing his homework.


7. The back-bencher

Traits: Much like the name suggests, this student sits at the back of the class and gossips.


8. The shy one

Traits: This student is too shy to come out of the closet and you hardly hear him speak (only when the teacher asks some question).


9. The confused one

Traits: This student spills all the confusion on you with questions such as: what should I study for exams, what should my career goal be, and other endless queries.


10. The all rounder

Traits: The studious one, the one who is a role model for everyone as this student excels in both studies and extra-curricular activities.


11. The sleepy one

Traits: This one sleeps in the middle of the class or at a moment when the teacher has not come to class or in the assembly.


12. The fainting student

Traits: This student ends up fainting or faking fainting at the assembly or when he wants to rest in the school’s MI room.


13. The clown

Traits: There is always such a student who, because of his antics, becomes the laughing stock for the fellow students.


14. Teacher’s pet

Traits: This student tries his level best to be in the good books of his teacher, and boy! he does succeed.


15. The recluse

Traits: The student who just refuses to mingle up with anyone, even the teachers!


16. The chipkoo one

Traits: Well the one who just wants to stick with you without your consent. He will try to take the seat beside you or join you during lunch break or be persistently asking for your notes.


17. The murga one

Traits: The student who prefers standing outside the class, punished as a murga and pretty much enjoys it.

18. The fear factor

Traits: He who scares the hell out of you during the exams because of his own fears. Remember him saying, ‘Arey yaar, tune yeh chapter pada kya? Yeh aa gaya toh?


19. The fattu

Traits: He is simply scared of what the teacher will say, to put his doubts across. This student is just too scared of the aftermath or of becoming the center of attention.


20. The eye candy

Traits: The handsome hunk or the beauty


21. The ‘I give you the looks’ type

Traits: These are the students who disapprove of your actions and give those looks that make you guiltier of your actions.


22. The cheater

Traits: This student finds innovative ways to cheat in class.


23. The teacher’s worst student

Traits: This was the student who ended up being disliked by many teachers.



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