14 Types Of People You Meet Whenever You Fly

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5:00 pm 27 Jul, 2015

1. The jumping Jacks

These passengers are up retrieving their baggage as soon as the seat belt sign is off and rush towards the door before it even opens, like their life depends on the one minute they just saved.


People in flight

Life is a race. If you don’t run fast, you will be like a broken anda. india

2. The overly prepared traveler

These people have a reservoir of supplies. From earmuffs, to magazines, a few chocolates and medicines. Their bag is the mini room of requirement. But the overly prepared traveler always makes the best seat companions.


People in flight

Bas takiya ki kami thi. e9fun

3. The Kumbhakarna

This person falls asleep as soon as the plane takes off and usually passes out on you, drools all over you. But you must give them credit, no amount of plane bumping and turbulence can wake them up.


People in flight

Unless of course, if a hot person sleeps on you, you cannot complain. google

4. The loud talker

They believe in announcing every single details of their life. From saas-bahu jhagdas, to osteoporosis, hair treatments and main problems. Yes, they are great entertainers in the usually long, boring flights unless you’re sleeping or reading a book.


People in flight

Chai loge? Thanda loge? Toh phir chup rehna ka kya loge? odishasuntimes

5. Terrified first timers

I think we’ve all been there. They’re usually unaware of how things work in a plane and are as nervous as a cat. You’ll see them clutching their seats when the plane takes off and lands. And exchanging terrified glances and doing the Ram Jap when the plane experiences a slight turbulence.


People in flight

Iss plane ne dusre plane ko thok diya toh? youtube

6. “My life depends on what the airhostess says”

This person will stare unblinkingly at the airhostess trying to digest the do dwaar aage and do dwaar peeche information every single time he flies. He is also probably the only person who’ll get out alive if something were to happen to the plane.


People in flight

You can take my notes on inflight passenger safety. verveonline

7. Air lovers

These couples always find ways to stick to each other like magnets, and cuddle throughout the journey.


People in flight

Jaanu, let’s make people uncomfortable na. sulekha

8. “I must sit comfortably” flyer

There’s always this one person who’ll recline the chair to its maximum and make the person sitting right behind mime some not-so-nice words.


People in flight

It’s okay, I don’t like being comfortable anyway. bookmyshow

9. The baby who’ll inevitably cry and the diaper changing mothers

There’s always this one baby who’s going to cry throughout the journey.  And with the diaper changing mothers, we don’t have a problem with diapers being changed, just don’t do it on the eating tray. There is a provision made in the toilet to change diapers.


People in flight

I’ve never been so grossed out. pardaphash

10. The smarmy businessman

Immaculately dressed in a suit and nearly always working on their laptop, they think they’re too important to be sitting in economy class. But that is where they sit.


People in flight

Damn! A flight full of commoners. bollywoodshaadis

11. The airhostess oglers

You’ll always find one man who’s drooling at a airhostess, trying to be slick and smooth and making a complete fool of themselves. And the one woman who will keep on telling you how fake these airhostesses are while unconsciously picking their style. But it’s fun watching them anyway.


12. The steamrollers

They usually need two seatbelts to get around their paunch and sometimes a special seat.


People in flight

I am pretty sure commenting on someone’s weight is rude even when they are sitting on you. bcbilli

13. The pee-er

This person has major bladder issues and somehow finds himself in a full bladder situation all the time. It’s a pain sitting next to this guy, because you find yourself getting up half of your journey to make way for him. But he won’t shift to aisle.


14. The shutterbug

You’ll always find this person clicking numerous pictures of clouds and windows and clouds. EVERY. SINGLE. FLIGHT.


People in flight

You’re racist if you think all clouds look similar. bigcommerce


What kind of flymates do you always bump into?


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