10 Types Of People In College Fests

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5:00 pm 23 Jun, 2015

Ask any college going student and they’ll tell you the same thing: college fests are the funnest, most exciting part of the college life! It’s a chance for students and teachers alike to bring up the college rep to a whole new level!

Just like old wine, they get better with each passing year. And even bigger and grander than the year gone by.

Here are the common college festers in no particular order!

1. The Noobs.

These are those kids who are fresh out of school and have no clue what to expect from fests. You’ll find them huddled together and staring in wide-eye fascination at everything.


2. The party poppers.

These are those people who are only in the fest for the DJ event. They’ll be well dressed, really impatient and keep wondering when the hell the real fest is going to start i.e. the aforementioned DJ.


College fest

Yeh kambakht DJ kab chaalu hoga?! tumblr

College fest

*cue EDM music*

3. The supporting cast.

These people are found in huge groups, whole heartedly supporting their contingents with the slogans they came up with. They basically are in the fest because their friends are participating. And also because their college-contingent needs PR points to win. *nuff said*


College fest

Aren’t our friends the best! tumblr

4. The Organizers.

Everyone recognises the dudes and dudettes of this category because they wear clothes filled with sponsor logos, carry cool walkie-talkie headsets and walk around in frenzy like a bomb’s about to explode. The Secret Service has nothing on these people.


College fest

Disaster averted! tumblr

5. The old timers.

These rad people have attended many fests over the years. You’ll see them hanging out with the organizers (when they have time!), because they know them well enough. They are experienced to the point where they can even predict which college wins these. *duh it’s Xaviers!*


College fest

Xaviers! Xaviers! Xaviers! giphy

6. The Photonihilists.

These people are seen lugging around their DSLR’s and clicking away to their heart’s content. This category also includes the girls who charm these nice people into having their pictures clicked and won’t take no for an answer (mostly, the party poppers).


College fest

Looks interesting…. tumblr

 7. The cool school.

The slo-mo walk was invented for these guys. They’re hip, confident and mix with the crowd like it’s no big deal. Like the old timers, they know the college-fest circuit well but unlike them, who are there to socialize, they are more interested in standing apart from the crowd.


College fest

*like a boss* giphy

8. The wrecking balls.

If an event gets delayed or some mishap occurs behind the scenes, be sure that these are the peeps responsible. If the organizers could, they’d have them wear bio-hazard symbols to avoid any potential disasters involving them. Their mess-augmenting skills are never commendable.


College fest

Sorry…sorry again..! tumblr

9. The parents.

a.k.a. the CL’s and the ACL’s of the participating contingents who make sure everyone’s on the right time, the right place and no one’s hungry (mostly). They make everyone feel a part of the team and ensure everyone puts their best foot forward. They’re like the cool parents we wish we had.


College fest

Fulo fallo, aur jeet ke aao! tumblr

10. The ‘everythingists’.

These guys participate in all the events irrespective of whether or not they are capable of it. They are just in it for the experience. If you see a familiar face in the event, well, you are an everythingist too!


Because for them, one gif is simply not enough!


Have you met any other types of people during college fests that we have missed?


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