10 Types Of People At Traffic Signals

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5:00 pm 5 Aug, 2015

Traffic has to be the most unfortunate thing that happens to us on a daily basis. Every time your vehicle gets stuck behind a long line of other vehicles, your patience goes out of the window. But it’s interesting to see how it affects the behavior of people in your direct vicinity. And more importantly, the kind of hilariously uncomfortable situations that it tends to put you in.

So here are the most common things that happen at traffic signals!

1. The loud speaker

Literally, the loudest speakers you’ve ever come across in your life. So, this is that guy who’s spent his entire year’s salary and sold a kidney to have the most hi-tech speakers installed in their car. And what better place to show off than the traffic signal! They’ll have the most obnoxious songs playing on full volume/woofer/amplifier and there’s no point in telling this dude to stop inflicting his bad taste on the rest of us because, well, it’s only a matter of a minute or two!


People at traffic

This is what it feels like to be around Mr. Detestable Song Listener. india

2. The devil-may-care vendors

These are those hard core people who don’t care whether you buy their wares or not. It’s their job to sell you Chota Bheem balloons and Doraemon toys and if you don’t buy them, there’s always the next car. They know that any car, that does not have a stubborn kid that cries on the top of their voice, there’s no point in paying any attention to you.


People at traffic

Traffic signal le lo traffic signal! twistykristy

3. The weasleys-on-wheels

This is that huge family that lives dangerously- they all ride together on one Bajaj Chetak scooter. It’s easy to laugh at the sight, but in the back of your head, you know you ought to respect them for their courage to drive and balance on Indian roads. Also, cars are too mainstream.


People at traffic

#thuglife wn

4. The snake riders

These have to be the most awesome people of all time because they manage to maneuver their vehicle within the tiniest of spaces. They are an enviable lot who almost never have to wait at the signal. Generally solo bikers and rare species of rickshaw wallahs belong to this group.


People at traffic

Deal with my badassery. lovielimes

5. The multitaskers

These are those corporate people who cannot waste a single minute of their time and start working as soon as they leave home. So at the signal you’ll find them talking into headsets, typing superbly confidential emails on their handhelds and waiting for the light to go green, all at the same time.


6. The bus-y people

These are those people who travel by bus before travelling by train. And any time wasted at the signal is tantamount to a crime committed against them. But being in public view, they do not have the luxury of expressing their frustration so they are stuck to throwing silent tantrums, making them look constipated in the process.


People at traffic

B.E.S.T is not best! *crying internally at time wasted* tumblr

7. The fatfati drivers

These are the guys using vehicles that sound like they are launching rockets repeatedly. Even while waiting at the signal, they don’t turn it off for reason no one can fathom. Second to the Loud Speakers in contributing to the noise pollution, it’s not pleasant to have their vehicle beside them. Or even behind them.


People at traffic

These super-expensive headphones won’t cancel the fatfati’s noise! comicbookmovie

8. The first-in-liners

These are the ones who miss the signal by a few seconds and have to wait ALL OVER AGAIN! They’re always in hurry to leave and always leave a few seconds before the signal turns green. Absolutely no patience to wait for round three!


People at traffic

*duniya gayi tel lene* tumblr

9. The leisurely lads

These guys have ample time at their disposal, as they switch off their engines at the signal and take their own sweet time to switch it back on and move! They’re the reason why every single time you spend more than five minutes stuck at the signal. They are also the people who get sworn at by other people a lot.


People at traffic

Aaj toh yeh mere hi haaton marega! tumblr

10. The Khatron ke Khiladi

If you want to see real life stunts, always keep a watch around while at the signal. You’ll find people crossing the road even as vehicles are criss-crossing across the roads. They absolutely cannot wait for the signal to turn red and await their turn to cross. They truly embody the spirit of YOLO.


People at traffic

#YOLO toh why wait lo? ndtv


What are the other types of people that you have observed at traffic signals and we have missed?


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