7 Types Of People You Will Surely Bump Into At IIT’s TechKriti

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7:22 pm 1 Mar, 2016

TechKriti, organized by IIT Kanpur, is one of the finest tech fests in the country.However, the fest is not just for tech geeks. The event sees an assortment of people from different walks of life – the chilled out ones, the clueless ones, along with the enthusiastic nerds. Not everyone comes here for robot workshops; there’s much more to TechKriti than what you think.

Check out the types of folks you’ll find at TechKriti:


1. True geeks

They represent an honest tribe of IIT. They are workshop fanatics. You can spot them in every workshop – from hacking to robotic. Spot them jumping with enthusiasm and noting down gritty details. They are least interested in mingling with the crowd or pulling funny pranks at the fest. They firmly believe that knowledge is indeed power.


2. Feisty competitors

Oh boy, they come all prepped up for the real face-off. This fest is serious business to them. The stakes are high and these feisty competitors strive to do what it takes to win it all. They stay away from the glitz, organizing and anticipating, because it’s not just about beating the other team, it’s about defeating the game.


3. Humble managers

Don’t you take them for granted! They breathe life and soul into the fest. They keep the crowd in good spirits while making sure things stay under control. They take charge of the event like a true boss. Coordinators, executives and all the position titles may seem fancy to the junta, but their presence is indispensable.


4. Chilled-out hoppers

Techkriti might be a tech-fest officially, but it’s one of those few days of fun and frolic for the chilled-out IIT fellas. Come on! It’s not every day you see pro nights and EDMs on an engineering campus. They make their entry for the thunderous music, luscious food and, of course, some hot girls to check out!


5. Tech-talk aficionados

While tech-talks at Techkriti are bewitching enough to hold anybody’s attention, it’s the tech-talk aficionados who make their presence felt with their brimming passion. For them, it’s more than just a session. While they immerse themselves in gathering inspiration, they also make it a point to take the discussion ahead on their canteen tables. They are darn serious about the speakers and can usually have their priorities for the speakers set straight.


6. The clueless comrade

They have zero interest in the technical side of the fest and are mostly the outcome of their friends’ incessant convincing. Once convinced, that it indeed is a huge fest, they come here to have a taste of it. Spot them strolling aimlessly on the campus with unfamiliarity in their eyes. They have no idea about the fest and are constantly trying to dig out different events to explore.


7. Nerds arriving

They might be hibernating in the deepest crevices of their textbooks, oblivious to the outside world of friends, concerts and parties. However, when it’s TechKriti, they are all pumped up. Trust us, they wouldn’t miss it, even for quantum mechanics. Advil codes and formula zero workshops are their true calling in TechKriti.


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