9 Types Of Movie Buffs You Are Friends With

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7:00 pm 14 Sep, 2015

Everyone loves movies! It’s an experience that is delivered to us wherever and whenever we want these days. They’re like books, just cooler. We in India especially, live vicariously through watching films (and making Dubsmash videos). Couldn’t beat up that guy who was annoying you to no end? Watch your heroes beat the crap out of them! Couldn’t propose to the girl you like? Watch KJo’s songs and hope that one day you’ll have enough courage!

But not all movie watchers are made alike. Grab some popcorn and read about the nautanki you indulge on a daily basis and the types of movie buffs it creates!

1. Hollywood ka chela

Yo u know this guy- he’ll go on and on about how awesome Hollywood films are, how awesome the US of A is and how basically he can’t wait to sell his soul to be an NRI. This is that guy who’ll handle the onslaught of Adam Sandler’s crass comedy and call Tusshar Kapoor an idiot (The latter is true).


Movie buffs

Main Jurassic World ke jagah Bombay Velvet dekhne gayi! tumblr.com

2. The couch potato

This is the guy who’ll never leave his house to watch a film because he thinks ultimately they’ll show it on television. He watches all of his films at home on TV with homemade popcorn because he has absolutely no curiosity what lies beyond the censored version. So he’ll never get to watch films like ‘Delhi Belly’ because TV can’t show it.


Movie buffs

*looks at ticket prices* Main toh ek mahine baad TV pe dekh lunga! giphy.com

3. The money spender

This guy will watch all films in theatres, ALWAYS. Always first-day-first-show when ticket prices are highest. Always with overpriced popcorn and always the film in 3D or 4D if that’s the film format. He’ll never ruin his theatre watching experience by sitting at home.


Movie buffs

You want me to watch Gravity at home?! tumblr.com

4. The Bhai fan

Saying that this guy worships Salman Khan is an understatement. He lives and breathes Salman Khan and he whistles when Bhai takes off his shirt. Or dances. Or anything that involves Sallu bhai breathing. He’s so cool for this guy, even his driver cannot handle it. #burn #thatwasunnecessary


Movie buffs

……for sending Sallu bhai to teach all these noobs about acting! tumblr.com

5. The reluctant accompanist

This guy is not fond of film watching. *dramatic gasps* *melodramatically aarti thali falls on the floor*

However, being a good friend that he is, he’ll still accompany his mates to watch a film. And thoroughly regret it the next day.


Movie buffs

Ask me to watch a film with you, one more time. tumblr.com

6. The elitist-in-the-making

This is the person who spends his time being completely pompous by watching indie and foreign language films. He’ll talk about these films as if you have seen them too and proceed to annoy the fuck out of you.


Movie buffs

If you haven’t heard of Roman Polanski, our friendship is over. bollyspice.com

7. The review believer

This person will not watch a film unless they have read the review first. Taran Adarsh is their sworn enemy and everyone else is an idiot. They do not judge a movie by it’s trailer, they judge it by it’s review.


Movie buffs

How can you use logic while watching my films?

8. The tear shedder

This is that person who cries at the drop of a hat. They get so emotionally invested while watching a film, they get easily upset. So they cried when Darsheel Safary was left in the hostel in ‘Taare Zameen Par’. They also cried when *spoiler alert* Ramadhir Singh died in the end in ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’.


Movie buffs

*after watching Jurassic World” wifflegif.com

9. The fanatic fan

Set Max airs ‘Meri Jung- One Man Army’ and ‘Robot’ a thousand times on their channel (because, why not?) because of these guys. They will not tolerate even the slightest slur against Thalaiva or Allu Arjun or Chiranjeevi or Kamal Hassan. They are their gods and everything that happens to them, concerns them personally.


Movie buffs



What are the other types of movie buffs that are your friends and we have missed?


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