13 Types Of Desi Humor That Every Indian Can Recognize

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8:00 pm 23 Sep, 2015

Indians are a funny bunch of people. And thank god for that! From that super funny uncle who is your dad’s friend, to that overly enthusiastic aunty who tries to tell jokes that fall flat on their face, we derive our mirth from intended and unintended sources.

All of us want to be funny too. From school friends to college, boyfriend/girlfriend to cousins, watchman to bus conductor to Bodyshop salesperson, we want to impress all and sundry with our excellent quips and timely remarks. But not all forms of humour are created equal and not all humour is in fact, the same.

Read on for the types of jokes, jokers and situations we often try to make light of, sometimes succefully, sometimes not.

1. Non veg comedy

This person cannot go two sentences without innuendo (double meaning). Everything they see, they make non veg just by being in the vicinity. It is fun till about you are fifteen and then it starts wearing off. But who will put the cat on vibrator?


Indian humour

There should be a ban on these kind of meats… toxicards

2. Sandaas comedy

These people love the toilet so much, you wonder why they are not married to it yet. Whether they are six or sixty, nobody enjoys a fart as much as them. Even when it’s not their own.


Indian humour

Whose idea was this? Tell me! cakecentral

3. Hamesha comedy

These ones never know when to shut up. They are genuinely funny and they make you laugh, but they have kind of got stuck in that single role – Funny. Poor souls. You wish they would take a break, if only for themselves.


Indian humour

If you don’t know Meena Boy, you are Jon Snow. facebook

4. Main-bhi comedy

You have come across this one, right? The one who never give up on trying to make you laugh. Joke after crap joke, they do not fail to realise they are failing. And if by chance you do take pity on them and laugh once, god save you, because they have now tasted success and will press on even more with their efforts at mirth.


5. Zehreeli comedy

These are the ones who are funny. And mean. Lots and lots of mean. The basis of all their humour is in putting down others, especially from other communities, religions, languages, regions. Expect a lot of Sardar jokes.


Indian humour

‘nuff said. scienceblogs

6. MC/BC comedy

These are the ones who genuinely believe throwing a lot of abusive words is comedy gold. They are tiresome to have around and you try and cull them from your plans. Some people get the balance between gutter-mouth and caustic comedy. It is unfortunate though that most don’t.


Indian humour

‘nuff said again. indianexpress

7. Zindagi jhand comedy

You know these ones as well. They will always joke about how broke they are, how fat they are, how they have been a virgin for far too long, how boring and banal their life is. Usually, these one tend to write well. Some of them might believe their own jokes about themselves and get stuck in there.


Indian humour

Ooh! Where can I get these? destructoid

8. Uncle comedy

Uncles have a very specific comedy delivery trait. They will tell the same joke again and again and Again and AGAIN…and AGAIN!!! Oh god! Help!


9. Akshay comedy

These are the Invincible(akshay) comedians. They are awesome, have the right thing to say at the perfect moment, have amazing delivery and have you in splits each time! They make friends easy, get work done easy and are generally rock stars! Count yourself blessed if you have one as a best friend.


Indian humour

Kya? Mumbai mein acchi stand up comedy hoti nahi hai? Toh hum kya chapati banate hai? ndtv

10. Limited comedy

The lower version of invincible, these ones are entirely super funny…but only with their own set of people. They need far too much context and support to be funny, but can be enjoyable when they do get it.


Indian humour

Avengers, assemble! littleorbit

11. Piyakkad comedy

Like the Limited Comedy junta, the Drunk junta is entertaining only when they are drunk. Duh. There are two variations in this group. Those who get wittier when they get drunk and those who get downright stupid!


Indian humour

Ekhyakya! snipview

12. Ghisipiti comedy

These are the ones who will crack freedom related jokes around those who are recently married or engaged. These are the ones who will write “Ek duje ke liye,” on EVERY couple photo they see on fb. These are the ones that make the Uncles look better. Unless they are Uncles too…


Indian humour

So where are your wings? Hahahahahahaha! I am so funny! keepcalm-o-matic

13. Blind natural

These are the naturals and they don’t know it. They are the almost Akshay’s. They are the ones everyone laughs at, not with, because they don’t know it. And they will never.


Indian humour

Ghisipiti line – Rab ne bana di jodi. saharasamay


What kinds have we missed?


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