13 Types Of Gamers In The Indian Gaming Community

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5:00 pm 6 Jul, 2015

The gaming community in India is no longer a side hobby. It has arrived guns blazing, quite literally, on the Indian soil thanks to the advent of this space age device called the Internet. This virtual community is going places and becoming a huge part of urban sub-cultures. Just as with every culture there are different types of conventional peeps, so does this have a few stereotypical individuals who make gaming more interesting than it already is.

So get your game on and read on!

1. The dual personality.

This gamer is able to keep a legit job by day and go on a gaming binge all night. Not very noticeable unless you choose to check out their eyes- they’ll be reliving the triumphs and horrors of their game from last night. In simple words, they’ll be sleep deprived.



Ghar jaake dungeon_master96 ki vaat lagaunga! tumblr

2. The professional.

This is a true, hardcore gamer who lives for wreaking havoc on the virtual lives of their opponents. And they get paid bucket loads of money for doing this! This person is living every Indian boy’s five-year-old dream.



50 headshots ka 5000? Ek minute…. *kills everyone in sight within seconds* tumblr

3. The smartphone addict.

These are the gamers who love their phones way too much, as evident by them paying their undivided attention to Candy Crush, Subway Surfer, Temple Run and the likes. They will not consider the possibility of normal daily activities as they relentlessly pursue level after level.



Ek level ki keemat, tum kya jaano Ramesh babu! giphy

4. The amateur.

These newbies have joined the bandwagon because gaming is the new iPhone. You’ve got to be a gamer otherwise your life is a waste. They are pretty crap at it but nevertheless continue to be wannabe cool.



You ready bro? You ready?! *team loses game because of this guy* tumblr

5. The multitasker.

This gamer eats his food, listens to songs on full volume and indulges in updating his social media profile while gaming on the side. No points for guessing how superbly talented they are at their chosen game.



Are you human dude? tumblr

6. The mitigator.

This gamer treats gaming like it’s an actual military operation. He will consider every possible outcome and accordingly play safe. More interested in saving lives than actually playing. This guy is the player you want but not the one you need.



Going to save lives of……..my own. tumblr

7. The motion gamer.

Your first thought on looking at this person is that they are swatting away invisible mosquitoes with a bat that only has its handle. But these are those ratchet people who swear by their Wii and Nintendo.  Computer gaming is relic of the past and motion gaming is reality for them.



I could play actual tennis…but High Score bro! tumblr

8. The fan.

This guy is a gaming admirer. But their admiration does not extend for them to be able to actually use a computer and play. Nevertheless, it does extend to them asking loads of questions, which is encouraging at best and annoying at worst.



How do you use cheat commands? Who are you playing with? Did you pee?! tumblr

9. The walking dead.

Even though they have been playing for a while, no matter how much they try, these are the ones who die/lose within seconds of the game starting. And they keep going at it because hope is what makes the world go round. They never heard of this thing called ‘not my cup of tea’.



Your desperation to nail the game even more so. tumblr

10. The Army General.

This particular gamer is all about leadership. None about the game. So you will find him unnecessarily shouting orders and being a complete brat. They will not contribute to the game in any manner that’s constructive and if you make the mistake of losing, be sure to hear the choicest of swear words coming your way.



Goli nahi marenge saale ko, keh ke lenge uski! tumblr

11. The girlfriend gamer.

This guy does not understand the hype of gaming, but he’ll play anyways because his friends swear it’s the real shizz. They are like your girlfriend who make a sweet attempt at indulging in activities that you like just because. But this guy isn’t even sweet. Just annoying.



I’ll do anything for acceptance, even if it kills me virtually. tumblr

12. The hoarder.

This one is an excellent gamer but they obsessively collect money/weapons/powers/cheat commands etc. and NEVER use it. They just keep on collecting it and spend it only when they really have to, with a heavy heart.



*must not use my powers* tumblr

13. The silent lamb.

This is the surprise guy. You’ll never hear a peep from this person even as they are playing. But the way their fingers fly off the keyboard would put pianists to shame. They sit staring at the screen emotionless but they have already planned out every single move in their head.



*planning your death in my head, noob* tumblr


Are you a gamer? Which kinds are you?


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