For The First Time, Two Indian Institutes Make It To World Top 200 List

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5:58 pm 15 Sep, 2015

In a feat that is rare, not one but two Indian institutes have made it to the Top 200 list of world’s best universities, reports the Times of India.

Bengaluru based Indian Institute of Science (IISc) is placed in 147th spot in the QS World University Rankings and Delhi’s Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-D) jumped from 235th rank last year to 179th this year.

Colleges from a total of 34 countries have made it to the top 200 list, with the US dominating with 49.

Besides USA, UK with 30 institutes, Netherlands with 12, Germany with 11, Canada, Australia and Japan with 8 institutes each, China with 7, and France, Sweden and Hong Kong with 5 institutes each dominate the list.


But while IISc and IIT-D top the list, overall there is some bad news for India as well. There are just 14 Indian institutions in the top 400 positions of the World University Rankings.

And once considered one of India’s best, both University of Delhi and the University of Mumbai have lost ground and do not feature in the list.


In the field of Arts and Humanities, Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University leads the pack and is placed at 168th in world rankings, while University of Delhi is placed at 191 in this section and 191 in the Social Sciences and Management section.


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